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Mobdro is the best free content streaming application out their for Android devices. It comes with a host of features and an easy to use user-interface resulting in seamless content consumption.


Television was the undisputed king of entertainment for a long while. However, with the rise of the internet and smartphones many individuals now turn to their Android devices for media consumption. One of the most prominent forms of entertainment consumption happens through streaming content through the internet.

The Mobdro APK stream application is one of the best entertainment applications that can be found for the Android devices. The application in essence scans through the vastness of the internet to identify and collect free streaming sites.

Mobdro then neatly compiles and categorizes all the stream links for your convenience. As a user of the application you can find your favorite type of content just a click away. The application does a fantastic job in full filling all your entertainment needs.

While there are dozens of free content streaming applications out there, none so work quite as well as Mobdro does. In fact, the application in many respects beats many paid streaming applications such as Netflix. The best part being is that it is completely free.

Long gone are the days when you endlessly searched for your favorite entertainment. With Mobdro all your favorite content is simply a click away.

Mobdro has many features that make it a superior entertainment application then all other out there. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing features

** It is 100% free

Mobdro is absolutely free. While most streaming applications ask for some type of compensation Mobdro does not require users to pay even a dime. Unlike most other successful streaming applications out there such as Netflix, Mobdro will not require you to pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy its unlimited amount of content.

** It has an amazing UI

Many streaming and entertainment applications really fall short when it comes to designing a user interface that works well. Fortunately, in Mobdro’s case it is clearly evident that the team put in a vast amount of effort in order to make sure that the application’s user follow is simple.

From start to finish using the application is convenient and hassle free. The application requires no-sign to continue an issue most free streaming applications face. Moreover, the text size is just right and optima for viewing.

All the content is very neatly categorized, and the search engine makes finding your favorite movie or content a simple and easy process. Everything looks clean and polished. Even if you do not have an idea of what you are looking for everything is laid out in a manner that you can very quickly find content of your liking.

Mobdro definitely does a fantastic job with all of its UI elements. Using the application is indeed effortless.

** It has endless amount of content

Looking for a really old movie that is not present on Netflix? Mobdro will likely have it in its repository of movies. This is because the application searches the world wide web to find streaming links to movies and shows.

If the movie or show was ever uploaded on the internet Mobdro will find it. This results in the amount of content present on the application to be literally endless. No matter which movie or tv show you have in mind the application will likely have it in its repository.

All you need to do is simply search it and start streaming it to your Android device.

** It comes with a Premium version

While the basic version of the Mobdro application is great, the application also offers a premium version for more advanced users. This premium version of the application is great as it offers a bunch of other features that the basic version of the application does not have.

One of the main features of the premium version is that it is free from all sorts of adverts that ruin your content consumption experience. With Mobdro premium all the potential ads that you were bombarded in the base version are removed.

The premium version of the application also allows users to download streams for offline viewing. This is a great feature because many times your travelling and your Android device does not have an active internet connection. In such circumstances this feature really comes in handy as you can simply download and offline stream your favorite content.


The premium version of the application also allows it to connect to devices such as the Google Chromecast allowing you stream your favorite entertainment content directly on your TV.

Granted, the premium version of the application is fantastic, the free version is also great and if you have a tight budget you do not need to get the premium version.

How do you install Mobdro for free?

The only real hassle that comes to using Mobdro is its installation process. You see the application is not available for download in any of the major Android application stores. To install it you’ll have to manually download the apk file from an online resource.

Don’t worry it is not that difficult and if you follow the preceding steps, you’ll have Mobdro installed on your phone in no time.

Step 1. Allow installation of unknown sources on your android device

To do this go to your Android device’s settings menu and over there go the lock and security settings of the device. On this screen you’ll see an option that says, “Unknown Sources”. You need to enable this to install Mobdro.

You can of course disable this again after installation completes.

Step 2. Download and Install Mobdro

Go to google.com and search for “Mobdro APK”. Open a trusted website and download the latest APK file of the software.

Once downloaded click on the APK file and run it. This will start the installation process and might take some minutes.


Step 3. Run the application and enjoy

Once downloaded and installed run the Mobdro application. It should request permission or access to some of your device’s features. While they look scary, simply give the application permission (it’s completely safe don’t worry!). Once that is done, you have successfully installed Mobdro and you can consume your favorite content for FREE.


The Mobdro application is one of the best content streaming applications for Android devices. The application is a great tool when it comes to passing time and it’s easy to use interface makes the entire process of content consumption through the application an absolute blast.

Millions of people are using the application to entertain themselves. While many other streaming applications charge for a subscription fee Mobdro doesn’t do that and provides one of the largest repositories of content out there.

If you consume content your Android device on a regular basis, then Mobdro is definitely a must have application.

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