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Titanium TV allows you to watch your favorite movies, series and tv shows absolutely free. The amazing application has an amazing user interface, a great catalog of content and high-quality playback.

Content streaming has definitely made everyone’s life easier. If you want to watch your favorite tv show or movie all you need to do is take out your Android device and look for the content online. Now, while there are a bunch of streaming applications out there very few compare to Titanium TV in any way.

The amazing content streaming application has won the hearts of millions from across the globe due to its ease of use and amazing collection of movies and tv shows. The best part is that the application is absolutely free.

Titanium TV is definitely a one of a kind application to stream your favorite movies and tv show content with. It has everything one could ask from a streaming application and has a bunch of amazing features that most other streaming applications lack.

These features include but are not limited to

High Quality Playback

Watching your favorite tv show or movie on Titanium TV is definitely a treat. The application has exceptional video quality, and everything seems super crisp and clear. You have a number of quality options that you can choose from while playing content. These options range from 360p (which is the lowest) to 1080p (which is the highest). Depending on your internet speed you can choose the playback quality that works best for you.

High Speed Playback

Video streaming on Titanium TV is optimized in a manner that even on slower internet speeds you can play content. This is because the Titanium TV team has made a proactive effort in making the application light to use. This clearly shows as the application runs fast and, in many circumstances, loads videos faster than most of its competitors.

An Amazing Collection

This is by far the area where Titanium TV excels over most of its competitors. The application has millions of tv shows, series and movies from around the world. This is amazing as any movie you think of would be available for streaming on the application. Even really old tv shows and movies. If they have been uploaded on the internet this application would have them. Titanium TV truly has enough content to last you a lifetime.

Super Responsive

Titanium TV has an amazing user interface. The team obviously put in a lot of effort in this domain and that clearly shows. The application is super-responsive. The applications are neatly done and work like a charm. The theme is flat and simple but easy on the eyes. The icons and text are placed in a manner that you know what is going on and how to navigate the application.

Most TV shows and movies have a small summary to them allowing you to know what they are about. All the content is very properly organized in categories according to their genres. This makes browsing and finding new movies/ tv shows to watch a convenient process. All you need to do is simply browse through the endless number of movies in a category of your choice to find something new to watch.

Searching for new movies and tv shows on the applications is just super easy. Overall Titanium TV provides the perfect user experience.


Titanium TV gives users the option to add subtitles to the content they are watching. This is very useful in a lot of circumstances and allows you to understand what is happening in the movies/ tv show you’re watching clearly. In many instances, such as when you are in a subway, it can become difficult to understand what is happening on the content you are watching. With subtitles understanding the movie/tv show becomes much easier and Titanium TV allows you to watch content with subtitles.

Offline Streaming

One of the most amazing features of Titanium TV is that it allows you to download and watch movies offline. This offline playback functionality is something that not most applications offer. This is an especially useful feature for when you want to watch content on your Android device, but you do not have access to the internet.

Titanium TV takes all your connectivity worries away and through the application you can enjoy your favorite content even when you do not have internet.

100% FREE

Probably the best part of Titanium TV is that the application is 100% free. This means you do not need to pay for any subscription or other fees before you can start consuming content on the application. Unlike many other streaming applications such as Netflix, Titanium TV does not put any strain on your pocket.

This is amazing because the application has a bunch of features that not even premium streaming applications have, but it does not cost users a dime to use them.

How to install Titanium TV

Installing Titanium TV and having access to an unlimited number of movies and tv shows is an easy process.

There is one caveat though the application is not yet available on Google Play store, because of this you’ll have to download it manually from the internet.

To install Titanium TV the first thing you need to do is allow your device to install applications from unknown sources.

  • To do this go to the settings menu in your Android device.
  • Then go to security settings and enable “Unknown Sources”.

You can of course disable this once this application successfully installs.

Now, all you need to do is – click here to get the official version – and the only version you need

  • Go to google.com and search “Titanium TV”.
  • Go to a trusted website and download the latest version of the application’s APK
  • Run the APK and the application should start installing on your Android device

See how easy that was? Now you can start watching your favorite movies and tv shows on your Android device for free.


Titanium TV is a one of a kind video streaming application for Android devices. The application packs with it a bunch of amazing features such as high-quality playback, the ability to download content for offline viewing, subtitles, fast streaming and much more.

The application has almost an unlimited number of movies and tv shows in its repository, this coupled with the intuitive and easy to use interface of the application makes it a must have for all Android device users out there. Don’t worry the application is 100% free so you can have access to all your favorite content at absolutely no cost.


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